Gateway to Historic Irvington

The Prairie/Woodland Gateway to Historic Irvington is being planted to promote conservation and native habitat restoration using native Indiana plants.  This highly trafficked site will also raise awareness and appreciation of native Indiana flora to the hundreds of thousands of passersby each week.

 Doing more then just lip service to the current movement of rehabilitating land with native plants, phase one is the beginning of a vision for the Washington Street/Shadeland Avenue cloverleaf that includes the NW and NE circles of the cloverleaf progressing from barren acreage into a true native Indiana woodland.   

 Irvington was originally established as a suburb of Indianapolis, a place to live where one could enjoy nature.  Today, traveling along East Washington Street offers mostly views of concrete, commercial signs and speeding cars.  Walk or drive one block north or south of Washington Street into the neighborhood, and you can enjoy the original intent of this historic suburb.  With its Prairie Gateway project, Irvington Terrace residents wish to beautify the oldest cloverleaf in the state of Indiana and entrance into historic Irvington by bringing back some of the natural beauty that once existed along the Old National Trail/Highway 40.